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Moving software Key from one computer to another


I've been working from our office computer in Archicad 24, I've installed Archicad 25 on my home laptop and trying to work on projects. When I try to open Archicad it says


'you are logged in as (my correct office email address)' then it says

'there is no valid software key for this user.


When I check license manager tool it gives me protection key id, it is available to me, software key number, and it is programed to the office desk top computer.


Is there away to type the software key number or any of the other numbers into Archicad on my laptop to get it to recognise me and my liscense? 



Barry Kelly

I am not familiar with software keys as I don't use them.

But My understanding is that from your work PC you must return that software license to the company pool.

Then on your laptop you can load that pool license.

You then have to send it back to the pool when you have finished so you can load it once again on your work PC.


The other thing to check is that the license is valid/updated to 25.

If it is still only 24, you will not be able to use it with 25.



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