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My project has a different project zero for the Z axis and for the XY axes.

Espen da Silva

I'm very confused, but somehow my project has spawned a new project zero... but just for the X and Y axis. I was getting some unusual coordinates with the measure tool all of a sudden, so I looked around and found a new project zero I haven't seen before, far away from the original project zero that I'm used to. Here is a screenshot of this new project zero that is placed in front of a door in the middle of my building:


Notice that the X and Y coords are zero, but the Z is not. Also, notice the correct original project zero showing through the door far away in the distance above the doorhandle. I can place the measure tool on the original project zero and I get these numbers:



So as you can see, Archicad is no longer considering the original project zero to be at Z=0, X=0, and Y=0. Why has this happened, and why is it even possible for a project to have split project zeroes?

David Maudlin

Espen da Silva:


One is Project Zero, the other is the movable User Origin. If you double-click the Set User Origin button (left side) of the Coordinates palette, the User Origin will reset to Project Zero. This is similar to the origins in the orthogonal views.


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