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Notebook Driving Two Displays

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I have two NVIDIA cards in my deskstop system to drive two displays. I'm looking to purchase a laptop (Windows based) & I definitely want it to have the ability to drive two monitors (hard to go back to one). Does anyone have experience with a Windows laptop with the capability of driving two displays?


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all laptops on the market have that option

from P1 may be from 486 most of them have 2 display option

just get one of them ,)
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My ThinkPads have supported dual monitors since my first one in 1999. Keep in mind that one of the monitors is the built-in screen. Dual EXTERNAL monitors may not be an option (at least I don't know of any).
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Hi Don, I am using a Sager Laptop (4780) purchased from & a 19" LCD from Costco. Working Great. Some adjustment due to different screen resolutions.

Some Posts about my Dual monitors:
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Graphisoft Alumni
Matthew wrote:
{..} Dual EXTERNAL monitors may not be an option (at least I don't know of any).
have a spare notebook/desktop computer?

I suppose you can use the external VGA from your "primary" notebook and then use MAXIVista (see below) to utilize the 2nd display of the spare notebook/desktop
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