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Nvidia Quadro FX Go1000/Open GDL problems

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I have just bought a Dell Precision M60 notebook with a Nvidia Quadro FX Go1000 graphics card. In Archicad 9 i open a file and go to my 3D window in 'Open GDL' setting and the whole program shuts down. Tried a 3D in 'Internal 3D Engine' and works fine. My friend has a similar notebook with a Quadro FX Go700 and he has no problems with Open GDL.

Anyone experiencing similar problems? Is this a graphics card compatibility issue with Archicad 9?
Ben Odonnell
It shouldn't be a problem. But the first thing I would do is go and check to see if I had the latest drivers. I have found that many new computers are sold with old graphics drivers installed.

So start there and see if that yields any thing.
Ben O'Donnell
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Hi Ben,

I've already downloaded and installed the latest display drivers from Dell. They also have an updated display bios driver which i haven't installed yet. Not sure if this will help. Might give it a try.
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I have the same openGL card.

1) download the nvidia drivers.
2) the nview desktopmanager is installed.
3) DEACTIVATE the nview manager.

If its is activated , arcicad in my computer, exits immidiately.
I have a similar graphics card, and I updated the drivers to the new ones AC 8.1 would crash everytime I would go to 3D and open GL and I found problems that that software was not installed in the directX info.
Gerald Acton "Gary"

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