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[OT] Scanner / Monitor / Printer calibration

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Does anyone knows a good site explaining how to calibrate the entire graphic process (scanner / monitor / printer)... on PC (I know, I know, everything is alright out of the bow when buying macs)

Constantin Catana
I help this link will show you some hints in general. In particular, I think it depends on brands of your machines. Anyway, if you find more than that, I'm interested in, too.
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Karl Ottenstein
I had posted some links a little while back (perhaps on the old list) to a web site that has a fantastic selection of articles explaining on color profiles and management. I won't pretend that I have all of my devices 'matched' yet though! 😉

Here's a search result with some good links at the bottom (below all of the produce results):

Also, all of the 'Out of Gamut' columns are well-written and, in their entirety, give a great shortcourse on color management.

Easier read than done!


PS Maybe a better link is the page for the author, Bruce Fraser:
which lists many of his articles, and also a book that he co-wrote called "Real World Color Management":
great reviews there...I'm getting tempted to buy a copy...
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