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Open tabs won't save


Hi there,


I have a problem; 

Some files saved all opened tabs, when I re-open the file (floor, building sections, 3D window etc.).


But other files, opened tabs won't save, when I open the file, only floor 0. is any time....

Where is here the problem? I don't know why......... 





ArchiCAD v6.5 - 27 / macOS / Windows
Switzerland (Schweiz)
Barry Kelly

All the information is saved of course, it is just not all of the TABs are opening.


There is a limit to how many open tabs there can be when opening the file.

If too many were open when the file is saved, you should get a message when you next open the file that too many tabs are open.

The message should give you the option to open them all (I think) or just the floor plan (recommended).

There may also be an option tick box to say "do not show this message next time" (I am not sure about that).

If so maybe you activated that previously, so now it does not give you the choice.


It is actually quicker ( I think) to open just the plan and then open the other views you want, rather than waiting for them all to open.



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Versions 6.5 to 27
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Hi Barry,



I have still this problem... I can save the two PLN files with 4 open tabs (exp. action-center, 3d window, 0. / 1. floor)

When I open this 2 files, in one file all 4 tabs it's showing..... In the other file I see again only 0. floor tab......

ArchiCAD v6.5 - 27 / macOS / Windows
Switzerland (Schweiz)

Hello, problem is still alive......


sometimes the PLN File saved the open tabs when you close the file, and sometimes none open tabs saved.....  !!?? ......

ArchiCAD v6.5 - 27 / macOS / Windows
Switzerland (Schweiz)