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Poor Regeneration Performance

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Hi everyone,

Using ArchiCAD 16.
having some real issues with performance in regenerating sections, 3d, and viewpoints on layouts.

I've built multiple models from start to finish and this model has gotten bogged down faster than any other. Its a 6000 sqft house. single story. Here's what ive done so far.

I've removed excessive SEO's, (many gables so some can't be avoided) section cuts, and complex objects. Poly count at about 35,000. removing excessive SEO's helped but im not out of the woods.

My file size according to the BIM server is about 125 MB. Didn't have these performance issues like this till about 250mb on the last project.

Have most of my local data cleared out except the last three projects (which are bigger than the present one. Maybe need to purge all?

My file opens fast and floor plans work fine.

Using openGL engine

Does trimming to a roof use less video memory than Solid Element Operations?

I have two large sites that are meshes. Should i Hotlink Module them in?

The real trick is the poor performance didn't start right away. we left at 5 and it was running smooth. closed, came back in the next morning it was very very sluggish.

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Solved the Problem. I modeled the floor joist as beams to do my ceiling joist layout so orientation would read in section. Turns out ArchiCAD doesn't like 400 beams in a project even if there simple rectangles. as soon as i deleted them and replaced them with generic slabs everything went back to normal.
I don't want to convert them to morphs because you lose the quick editing capabilities. Would the floor wizard create a simpler object? I guess ill stick with slabs for now.
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You could use objects as beams.

PS: 400 beams is a big deal limitation.
Try this. I don't know if the object will perform faster for you or not, but I typically use this object for all my framing and do not have speed issues.

AC 19 6006 & AC 20
Mac OS 10.11.5
15" Retina MacBook Pro 2.6
27" iMac Retina 5K
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thanks for the help
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