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Possible Quick Layers and Wall Trimming BUG?!...

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I am having 2 problems (bugs?) in AC15.

The first is that the layer toggle from the Quick Layer Palet doesn't work like before. In previous versions of AC each time I would press TOGGLE it will invert the layers, now I need to zoom in and out a couple of times and use the marke tool and than I can press toggle again. In other words, I can not do toggle, toggle, toggle,... I need to do toggle, zoom in & out, marquee and than I can do toggle again.

The second problem is that I am working on a Farm project were there is a main house and a barn. I first designed the house and this last week I was developing the barn and I noticed that the roof is not trimming walls any more. For the house phase I had no problem trimming walls at all, this happened once I started the 2nd building.
If I drag a copy of the house's roof on a side and draw some walls underneath than the trimming works. Any other new roof won't work. I've tried peking up the settings from the house roof with the eyedropper and stills, no new roof will trim walls.
Last test I did was copy & paste a roof from another file in to the farm project and test the trimming and it did worked.
I have no idea what is going on. Any idea?
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