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Problems saving PLN in v18

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I am having issues saving PLNs to a Mac Server in ArchiCAD 18. I can save to my desktop will no issues. I can drag and drop the PLN from my desktop to the Mac Server.

Today I tried to "Save As..." and I received a message that stated ArchiCAD 18 could not save the PLN. When I checked the folder I was trying to save into, I saw a file with this extension: .pln.t.c It appears to be a temp file. I have seen it one other time while a pln was saving. When the file was finished, the file with this extension, disappeared.

This saving issues, whether a regular save or a save as, is happening almost everyday. I do not have any issues in Teamwork, just as a solo project. I can publish as PDF or DWG. I can save as a DWG. But I cannot save as a PLN.

What gives?
Barry Kelly
I am not a Mac user but are you sure you have all the correct permissions set for your destination drive.
I often read post here that say to "repair permissions" and this often fixes the issue.

Or do you have any unusual text characters in your file name or file path?

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Permissions, etc. have been check. I had the IT guy check that last week. No unusual characters in the name either.

Thanks for the suggestions.
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It happened again today. Here is the warning I get from ArchiCAD
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