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Problems with extracting .lcf file

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I originaly posted this in the ACE Library topic but now that I tried some new stuff I think its worth asking again.

I'm having issues with extracting a library in the LCF format to get all the parts in folders so I can fiddle with it a bit. I tried using the "extract container" command but in the target directory I only get 4-5 folders out of the supposed 35 or so.

I have the exact same result with saving as PLA and extracting to a folder upon opening the file, only a couple folders get there.

Do I need to close any AC open with that library active before I extratc? I tough that the PLA method wouldnt need to.

Anyone have an idea about this, im a bit desperate.

Thanks in advance, and sorry for sorta doubleposting.
Erika wrote:
Could someone point me to the download for the international version?
For the ACE library Erika? As far as I know, there's no International or US version - just Mac and PC versions. They're both here.
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Erika Epstein
Hi Vistasp,

Thank you, but I am trying to find the 13 INT mac library.
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Ah! Was wondering about that, but given the subject of this thread...

Sorry, don't have the link but then I haven't received my copy of 13 yet! According to my reseller, they're starting to roll out the INT version after the Hungarian, US & Australian. I'd have thought the INT version which is most widely used would have been first out of the blocks.
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I'd like to highlight a very good suggestion from Master Script.

When extracting an LCF on windows select a target folder with a short path. Unfortunately, Windows has a path limit of 255 characters. Let's take an example. You can have an extracted library at 'D:\MyFavLib\', in which the longest path reaches to 240 characters. Now you pack it and send it to your buddy in a neat LCF. He then extracts it to 'F:\Works\Useful Libraries from Peers\2009\Jacks Sanitary Lib\' and all elements will get lost which extend beyond 255 characters. It's even worse if you have a Mac and he has a PC because in this case you may have used paths far beyond the 255 limit...

So when you don't know where the LCF came from, you should extract it to a short path and copy the extracted folder in Windows to the final location. This way Windows will let you know when it encounters a problem while copying.

Unfortunately, Barry has a different problem which I don't know...

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