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Running ArchiCAD through Remote Desktop Connection and VPN?

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Our office is using ArchiCAD 8 on PC's after being an all-Mac office for many years. My computer at home is a dual G5 Mac. I am interested in using Remote Desktop Connection and a VPN to remotely control my office computer from home. So far it is working well, with 1 exception - ArchiCAD. When I try to launch ArchiCAD, it says something along the lines of "remote terminal sessions not supported" and then quits. I don't think that taking the dongle home and launching AC from there would work as there isn't really a link between my hard drives and the office hard drives. In my search of this site, some have reported being able to access a server version of AC, but apparently not the single-user version.

Can anybody shed some light on this?

Thanks in advance.

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You don't want to run ArchiCAD over a VPN. You can bring the hardware key home, running a local copy of ArchiCAD and access files on your server or, if you have a network key at your office, run ArchiCAD at home accessing the network key and files over the VPN.

We have several very happy clients working this way.

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Thanks for your help, Woody.

We don't have network licenses, just the individual dongles at each computer. When I am logged in to the VPN in Mac OS X and am running Remote Desktop Connection, I am remotely seeing and operating my PC at work, but the files and hard drives at work do not show up in my finder window. How do I get my Mac to see the PC drives at the office in order to be able to open them?
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ArchiCAD 9 will allow you to run it over a Remote desktop or VNC connection.
For file sharing, just replace your MAC with a PC
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There is a feature in Remote Desktop Connection where I can now see my Mac's hard drive on my work PC in the RDC window. Can anyone tell me how I can get my Mac to see my work files so I can run ArchiCAD locally on my Mac, but accessing the files from work?

I do not want to copy files back and forth, some of them are over 100MB in size, just for the AC model.

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