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Scale on Screen

Ransom Ratcliff
I have been taking for granted that when the zoom is set to 100%, ArchiCAD will display on screen a drawing at the scale listed at the bottom of the window. For example, at 1/4" scale, the default 4 foot grid will actually display as 1" squares on screen.

In order to accomplish this, ArchiCAD has to sense the current display resolution and the size of the monitor being used. Obviously it never worked with a projector, but I it seems to work fine with desktops connected to CRTs and various laptops, even if you change to a different resolution. I have seen this work on modest XGA screens and 1920x1200 (WUXGA) screens.

All this seems true for the Windows version of ArchiCAD.

I just noticed that it is not working on my Mac 15" PowerBook G4.
Another symptom is that when I use the Figure Tool (zoom set to 100%) and check the box for "Insert Figure Pixel by Pixel in Current Zoom", my Mac always assumes 72dpi, but the real resolution of my PowerBook is about 101dpi.

Is there an ArchiCAD or system setting that I am missing?


Ransom Ratcliff
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ArchiCAD 4.55 - 26
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