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Slow performance with trace after 6004 update and multiple issues after reinstall

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Hi all.

I updated AC23 to 6004 which caused terrible performance issues when using trace.
I tested this on a new job using the AUS template and had the same result.
GPU drivers were up to date and I tested this with both versions of the latest GPU drivers.

After contact CI support I was advised to reinstall AC23 and update to the previous hotfix (4006) to resolve this issue.

Doing this resolved the performance issue but I can no longer open an existing or new job from the AC23 Start screen and
Auto Dimensioning on external walls dosnt dimension all windows.
I have tested this on both versions of the latest GPU drivers and on existing jobs and a new template.

Prior to installing 6004 I had no issues at all.
6004 cause spoor performance with trace.
Reinstalling fixed performance but created other issues.

How can I resolve this issues?


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Minh Nguyen
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

Thank you very much for the report and I am very sorry about the experience!

There seems to be multiple issues in the thread, so I will try to address them one by one:
1. Terrible performance issues when using trace after updating to AC23 6004: We haven't received any record so far about this. There was a similar issue, but it should have been fixed in the first update of Archicad 23 (4006). It should not happen in 6004. I believe the issue comes from somewhere else. Is there a way to reproduce it, or could you share with me a sample file for testing?

2. Can no longer open an existing or new job from the AC23 Start screen: When you start Archicad and click New/Browse, what will happen? Does Archicad freeze in the background (this can be observed in the Task Manager/Activity Manager).

3. Auto Dimensioning on external walls doesn't dimension all windows: I have not encountered this issue before with the latest update for Archicad 23. Could you be a bit more specific about this?

One last thing, could you share with me the OS and the machine specification?

Thank you very much!

Best regards,

Minh Nguyen
Technical Support Engineer

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Hi Minh and thanks.
To reproduce the trace performance all i have to do is reinstall the latest hotfix. Please see the attached video. Please note how the slab lags behind the cursor.

Yes, AC freezes and is observable in TM.

Auto Dimensioning. Marque walls > Select external walls > Select Auto Dimension > Select options 1,2 and 4 > Select Place on all four side > and place dimensions. Not all windows are dimensioned. Please see below pic.
You will see the outer bold dimensions are missing two windows on the RHS but did dimension one window.
Please note that I have followed the same process that Ive been using for many years and this is a result of the latest installation. CI believes this may be due to "walls getting in the way" such as those that you can see in the trace though this is obviously not the case.
Thanks again.

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PC Specs:

Windows 10 Home
OS Build - 19042.746
i7-8700k 3.7GHz

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Hi Minh.

Just a quick update.

All is resolved except for the start screen issue.

It seems that the 6004 update turned off 2d anti aliasing inside the work environment. Turning this on fixed resolved the performance issue.

The dimensioning issues seems to be an object identification issue. This dosn't explain why it worked prior to the roll back but it is performing as expected now.

CI is till working on the remaining start screen issue.


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how did you solve?
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