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Teamwork Performance of multiple self-referencing Hotlinks


I'm working on a teamwork project with around 24 hotlinks. All of them are placed within the same project, so they are self-referencing.
Project size is about 3 GB.

Unfortunately, it's only possible to refresh them all at once. Even if each hotlink is rather small (around 4 apartements), this process takes about 10 minutes. Looking at the network stats, it seems like Archicad is fetching 24 x 1 GB from the server.

Is there anything I can do to avoid this behaviour?

AC 25, BIMcloud Basic


You could setup a publisher set to publish out each negative story out to a .mod file and then link those as the hotlinks.  That way you can better control which modules you want to update. 

Self referencing is ideal for attribute management, but using mod’s is still quite safe, just make sure you regularly republish your mods after you change any attributes, otherwise you may end up with old attributes you had deleted or renamed re-appearing when you update an old mod.  

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This is gold. I didn't knew about the possibility of publishing .mod files through publisher.
This way I also can export each house as a whole, making it easier to adjust the positioning.

Refreshing now only takes a few seconds per house, and for attribute management it's still a lot better than dealing with several seperate project files.

Gui Lima

You can activate a hidden function in registry editor to allow update hotlink modules separately. 

Follow this:

1 - Open Registry Editor from start menu

2 - Locate this entry Computador\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GRAPHISOFT\ARCHICAD\ARCHICAD 24.0.0 BRA R1\Hotlink , this folder probaly little different. 

3- Change the option in Hotlink Module Update to 1 and restart archicad 


Now when you open hotlink module update you can see this button, to update only one module. 



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