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Slowness / Legging with zoom in, out and Pan - 2D window

Wessler Camila

Hi, I'm having slowness with zoom in, out and Pan during 2D views. Follows the video with the problem to show you guys better. I though the problem should be with the file, or tamplete or even the cloud libary but when using the same file and libarys at a different computer I can't see any problem at all. So I think maybe there's another reason to this problem. When I was using AC 26 I could notice the problem started there, anyway is terrible to work like this. I saw an old topic where they told to close de Organize Pallet and oppe it again you can see the legging is gone, but it is back again in a metters of seconds...  Is it with the video driver?


My computer:


Operational system Microsoft Windows 11 Pro

RAM 32 gbs

NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 2gb

Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10700 CPU @ 2.90GHz, 2901 MHz

Operating system used: Windows 11 Pro


Setup info provided by author

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