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Sluggish Performance with AMD Threadripper 1950X

Our hole office made the switch to the new AMD Ryzen processors. We are very happy with the performance but have one problem. One of our machine is a Threadripper 1950X. The rendering performance is just brutal. But when we select the zone settings every the performance is sluggish. The menu loads slow and you can see it building up. Sometimes even the blue loading circle shows up. Has anyone experienced similar issues?

What I tried already:
- Different pln
- Different user
- Deleting user profile
- Reinstalling windows
- Newest BIOS and chipset
- Ryzen Master Tools:
-Deactivating 8 out of 16 cores
- Numa mode

The only thing I could observe is that it uses only one Core on Intel, Ryzen and Threadripper.
I am not an architect and English is not my native language. Hope you get the gist of it.
Greetings James
Got a PM from ArchiCad. We will run some tests. I will keep this post up to date if someone is interested or has similar problems.
Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Yes, please post back with the results.
People in the future will find it useful.
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Hello James, have you got some info about your problem? I'm also on Amd Threadripper Platform, and honestly I can't reproduce the behaviour you described.....about it, could you be more specific? so I could try to reproduce something similar.....

on the other aspect I completely agree with you, from the render point of view, is simply a beast!...on other aspects, I have no such a complex model to put it in crisis, and in addition I think I'm not completely aware of which part of the program is capable of multithreading operation(from what I can say, are background drawing rebuild operation, layout refresh and publish, and clearly cinerender.....if there are some other please notify me).

Waiting for other POV...

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Hey strangeday

It is quite hard to describe and to reproduce the problem. Most of the time it works great. But sometimes it will get very slow in 2D drawings. Not even complex models. We sent some sleepy tools background activity monitor files to AC and wait for them to figure it out.
Threadripper is a beast but atm we can barely use it for work
Barry Kelly
Maybe your anti-virus software is causing the slow downs?
Does the exemptions as mentioned in this thread help?

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I figured it out! Holy cow that system is fast now

What did the trick? I don't exactly know because we changed two settings.

First: We made a Microsoft Security Essentials exception for both ArchiCAD.exe and Overwatch processes.
Second: We disabled High Precision Event Timer (HPET) via cmd. Command was bcdedit /set useplatformclock false
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Hi all / James / Barry

I found this thread very interesting, I am considering the AMD Threadripper 1950X to use as my only workstation for modelling and rendering.

I understand that the limitation with the threadripper was in 2d navigation, being a bit slower than the intel 8700x but it was awesome in rendering.

However since Archicad 22 now apparently uses the GPU as well as the CPU in 2d rendering, does that mean that the Threadripper paired with say a GTX 1080 is the best option for me?

Thanks very much

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