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Unable to read plan file archicad


The energy of my house went down while I was working in Archicad . When the energy came back , my file created a Lck. file and I was unable to access , then I created a copy of my file to try to open . When I tried to open I received the message unable to read plan file . Both of files the original and the copy show this message  , unable to read plan file .

I already tried to open backup , and to restore the original file . None of the have worked.

The problem is I forgot to autosave and that was the only file I got . Does anyone know any solution ?


Barry Kelly

The LCK file will not prevent you opening a file.

It will just prompt a message that the file is open by someone - do you want to take control (yes) or open as read only (no).


However, as you lost power, the file you were working on may have become corrupt, which may be why you can no longer open it.

When you restarted Archicad, you should have seen an option to open an auto-saved file (or recovery file).

You should still have that option even now when you close down all running Archicads and start it again - unless you have deleted the recovery file from the list.

You can not disable recovery files, Archicad should always create these when the power fails.


If for some reason there is no recovery file, and the PLN file is corrupt and can not be opened, then there may be a BPN file.

You can just rename this file and change the BPN to PLN and it will open, so long as that has not been corrupted as well.

The BPN file is as good as the last save you made on the file, so may not be as current as the recovery file.

The BPN will always be there in the same folder as the PLN, unless you turned the backup option off in the Work Environment (you should not do that).





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