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Upgrade Mac G4 450?

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Hi All,

I currently have a G4 450Mhz with 385 ram and running classic. I use it for AC7 and was wondering if it is worth upgrading the system software and ram.

I run AC8.0 on my PC P4 2.8 1 gig ram.
I don't know if the mac once more ram is added will handle AC8 or when we get it AC8.1 ( I don't expect it to )

does anyone run these older G4's with the later system software and if so are there any problems?

even if I don't use it for AC it might be good to keep the system all up to date.
Lennox wrote:
32Mb VRam should be ok for smaller projects, however what about when AC9 and 10 come along, what will there minimum requirements be?
Not really ... 64 should be OK. Don't wait for 9 (or whatever) with these 32.

Age old rule of thumb: whatever it says in the System requirements, multiply by two.

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