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is this a bug? very slow

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I have currently running a small file project and it takes on average 8 minutes to process any 2D or 3D views no matter its section/elevation for camera view. here is the session report

Finished generation of Section/Elevation.
End time : 14/01/2013 6:51:23 PM
Elapsed time : 8 minutes 54 seconds

I have a larger file that have run into this problem. I have gone through work environment setup/configurations to no avail.

I have AMD duo core 1.7ghz
AMD radeon HD 7340, 256mb
2gb DDR3 memory

please help.
That seems like a long time.

File size bears no relation to the 3D generation time since a small file can still generate complex form [and a big 3D file] through executing GDL code.

Hardware weaknesses of your system notwithstanding, you can try several things to speed up 3D views:

• download the polygon counter to establish the true 3D file size… polycounter accessory here
• isolate and hide elements that might generate complex 3D like trees and roof tiles.
• arbitrarily divide the project in half using the marquee. Image each half individually to establish if there is a difference in rendering time. You might have a corrupt element that makes phantom calculations.
• reduce the finesse of the rendering - eliminate cast shadows and vector hatching - anything that adds to image complexity.
Dwight Atkinson
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