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2024 Technology Preview Program:
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Unleash your Archicad API potential: a quick guide to Developer Hub

Doreena Deng

Ever felt like you're coding a masterpiece in your Archicad add-on, then hit a wall? Or maybe you've cracked the perfect solution and want to share your wisdom with fellow developers? Well, you've stumbled upon the right place. Developer Hub is your support network for all things about Archicad API products. Here's a quick guide to navigate this community. 


1. Need a helping hand?


Stuck on a tricky API integration? In the Developer Hub Homepage, there are 5 boards by API products.

If you want to search and see if there are any existing solutions, you can click into each board and using the "Search" box on the top. 




If you want to post your own question, you can select a board and click "Create new topic". By adding labels to your post, you help it to be more clear of what is the main purpose of your post: 

  • Possible Bug: This label is for reporting potential bugs encountered by developers. These bugs need further investigation and evaluation before confirming them.
  • Feature Request: Use this label if you get an idea for a cool new feature. Feature requests submitted by developers will be assessed for potential implementation.
  • Discussion: Need to brainstorm or get feedback from other developers? Add the "Discussion" label to start a conversation about a specific topic.
  • Question: Have a question that's bugging you? Use the "Question" label to ask your fellow developers and get some expert insights.





2. Feel like sharing your knowledge with the community?


Empower your fellow developers by sharing your expertise. Navigate to the relevant forum and contribute your solution. Your insights could become the cornerstone of someone else's success story.

In each board, you can use the "unanswered" and "unsolved" tab to filter out the posts that needs help. 




3. Want to stay updated of industry trends?


For the latest developments and discussions within the Archicad API community, use the tabs "Most Recent", "Solved" and "Most Viewed" in each board to discover the emerging trends, potential inspiration and hottest topics for your next add-on project.




On the right lower side of each board page, the "Latest solutions" and "Most liked authors" to quickly access recently solved problems, and identify trusted community members for insights and best practices.




Now join the conversation here! Whether you're a seasoned developer or just getting started with Archicad APIs, the Developer Hub is here to support you. Don't hesitate to ask questions, share your knowledge, and collaborate with the community.

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