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ArchiCAD 16 library parts 'Tranformed' into ArchiCAD 23 parts and then LOST?

Hi people, hope you all stay safe working at home!

So our office is all mac-based and we've been using ArchiCAD from 16 through 23. Therefore there are quite a few projects in which we utilize library parts from 10, 16, 18, 22, etc. This has never been an issue before the pandemic, as all of our files and libraries are accessed locally in our office, using Mac OS only.

However, since everyone is working from home now, we started to access these files from both Windows PC and Mac OS with ArchiCAD 23. One thing I noticed is that a file that was created on the Mac OS with doors and windows placed as 16 libraries parts are automatically 'migrated' or turned into 23 parts, once it's been opened in a windows ArchiCAD 23 (we are using the same hardware key). So now these 16 doors and windows are showing as 23 parts. The weird thing is that when I got back to the office to use Mac OS to access the same file and attempt to re-link the libraries again, these supposedly 'library 23' doors and windows become 'missing parts' despite the 23 library is present. I had a suspicious feeling that they are still my ArchiCAD 16 parts, but somehow they got shown as ArchiCAD 23 parts after being processed on windows PC. I'm attaching the library manager window where it shows up the 'missing' parts. I need to state that at no point did I see any window popping up asking me whether I want to migrate my old library parts. Somehow they pretended to be 23 parts when I used ArchiCAD 23 on PC, and lost their true identities when I switch back to Mac OS....
Minh Nguyen
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

I hope that you are doing well these days!

Thank you for raising the issue, and I am sorry about the experience!

This is very strange to me, as the migration process should act similarly on both platforms. There shouldn't be any different when you open the file on macOS or Windows. As we have never faced this problem before, I'm wondering if you could share with us the problematic file (especially one that has not gone through the migration process yet) so that we can replicate the issue in-house?

I can share with you a link where you can securely send the file to us for investigation. Please let me know if you'll need it!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

P/s: I'm just curious: is there a specific reason why you are still using old objects from previous versions and not replace them with newer ones?

Minh Nguyen
Technical Support Engineer