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BIM components problems

Mario Sacco

I'm the user
I have some pending objects waiting for your approval, but I want to update them. I also updated an object, but you reported an error; now I don't see no more it, neither to update it or delete ot; if I try to download it again, you report me a conflict on MainGUID.
So I'd like to understand better which are my pending objects, and have the possibility to delete them from the list of pending objects.
Please can you delete all my pending objects?

I'm the developer of 3DMD Railing Tool, I hope you have opportunity to take a look at this problem. I have also send you a message without receive an answer. I'm planning to upload many other objects free and demo, so I'd like don't have problems.

I have already some problems to avoid error to xml converter that I can't verify until I upload the objects on your portal such us:
- an error is reported if I don't add a space after or before the symbol "<" and ">"; error not reported in gdl debugger; it means a huge work on check all the code (my code for railing is 10.000 line)
- on archicad if I download a single object of a library it does not bring with him the images or macro, if I call them in the gdl using a variable (I suppose this is the reason, I need to check).
I hope bim component will became more versatile. I'd like to have an instantly upload of the object on the web site to check already by myself if everything is ok, otherwise download it egain; you could make visible it only for the uploader then after your check you make it visible for everyone; you could also make them visible for everyone and add a checkbox: "verified by graphisoft". It should mean not wait sometime one week or more. One week on the web is an eternity, and it is demeaning for us developer.

Thank you for your work

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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Hi guys, this issues is being looked at by Graphisoft at the moment.
It might be some IT-related problem.
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Katalin Borszeki
Hi all,

The searching issue was a known problem, and has been fixed by our web-team.

Concerning the Object upload delay problem:

In early may, we had a little resource issue indeed as Hmooslechner and Mario suspected, but now the processing is back to normal, and the timeframe of publishing objects is much shorter.
Katalin Borszeki
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Thank You for Your work on this - it really was... ... ok - when its solved now!

But let me incite an important issue: - You should give the developer more control on the uploadet library-parts afterwards!

A developer may think, his gdl is really tested and ready and uploads it to Bimcomponent. But then, he finds some further bugs or has a lillte new idea for the UI - some little changes to make.

Now - the time consuming editorial process starts again - which is not very efficient.

So - please - make it possible, that the developer by himself can later change a librarypart for bugfixes or minor changes by himself without Your repeating editorial work by simply uploading the new part over the old one.

In know - should post in the wish-section!

And - Mrs. Katalin from Graphisoft - Please let us know about Your thougts to this idea here! Pleas discuss this here with us - it would really be great for our motivation..
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Mario Sacco
Thank you Mrs Borszeki

I continue to have an other problem I already had in the past.
After upload my object, you report me by email an error saying that I can find the problem in a file txt attached.
But there isn't any attached file to the email! 😐
It has already happened me in some upload I made in the past.

This is frustrating, because I can't understand the problem.
My objects (3DMD Railings) are very complex and I can't find a problem by myself that the internal debugger doesn't find.

The new European building regulation on BIM will bring a lot of work for manufactures, to convert their old cad drawings in BIM smart objects. I hope Bimcomponets will improve or will work on a new strategy to better involve manufactures in this process. It is already happening.


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