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Builder Dimension 21 Missing in AC22

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I want to use the equivalent of Builder Dimension 21 in AC22. There is no option for this in the marker options. I tried copying a door with marker from AC21 but while the wall the door was in appears in V22, the door is not visible (but a blanked out opening in shown in the wall segment). I don't see any way to get the BD21 marker into AC22. Anyone have a bright idea.
I thought AC22 was supposed to have the super marker and label options but I'm not seeing this.
I must say that I am in the torturous phase of learning Archicad. I can get 80% of what I need but the remaining 20% is taking literally 10 times a long as it should. Convoluted logic, deeply hidden options, things which don't work for some inexplicable reason. I know I will get through this but not sure why some things are so hard for no good reason.

David Maudlin

I don't know why you cannot find this marker, it is in the Object Library 22.lcf (part of the ARCHICAD LIBRARY 22 in the USA version).

David Maudlin / Architect
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Found the issue. I had installed the Int version before the US version was out. Builder Dimension doesn't exist in the Int version. Loaded the correct library. All is good. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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