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Creating a New Zone Stamp

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Is there a way to create a new zone stamp? I want to be able to add considerable more information in to the zone stamp. So I am trying to find a way to create my own. Yet I can't seem to be able to find any documentation that will walk me through the process. Has anyone done this before?

I am using ArchiCAD 12.


"To get neat boxes you will need to script the stamp."

Yes that is my aim and need some help about this simple example.

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I am not sure this would work without trying myself (time for sleep now).

Draw the boxes to the size you want and add autotext (centre justified) for the zone values (as in my earlier image).

Select and save as an object.

Then open the script and change the subtype to a zone.


If you want it to be parametric (stretchy) then you will have to adjust the script with the necessary parameters.

Save and it should now be a zone stamp you can use with your zones )I hope).



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