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Creating custom sun shadow object to indicate the time in 3D


I'm trying to create a 3D object for use in Sun Studies that will show the current 3D window time and date as well as sun azimuth, altitude and project location (Obviously not casting shadows... ). With some basic GDL, I can get most of the information but I need the Date and Time. Using the GLOB_PROJECT_DATE is apparently only set for EcoDesigner.

Am I missing something simple? Any ideas??


Warwick Lloyd-Martin
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Barry Kelly

Not that I know of.

The date and time you input set the sun azimuth and altitude (which you can get in GDL).

But I don't know of a way to get the date and time that you can input.

The actual date and time yes, but not that used for sun study.

The calculation seems to be done internally from date/time to altitude/azimuth and Archicad uses the altitude/azimuth to do the sun study.




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