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Curtain Wall Error

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I need help with GDL please..

I created a curtain wall and saved it as an object in ArchiCAD 16, It worked fine.

Now I'm trying to open the same project in ArchiCAD 18 , it only appears in the Floor Plan but not in the section or 3D.

It is giving an error , I tried opening the object itself to check the 3D script, It gives me this error.

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the error that appears

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when I click check script

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your script call another script that in AC18 is no longer here (or was renamed).
You have 2 ways:
1- find the "vertical.." script in AC18 and try to call it in your script;
2- go back to AC16 and save "vertical.." script as "my vertical.."
Change the name on the call statement and bring them together to AC18.

Hope it helps

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