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Curved Roof & Gutter


Hi Archicad Community,


 I'm working on a CAD model of an existing building that has a lot of curves in the walls, and warped roofs. As the project will involve extending the building with more of the same, I need to create the building as it exists today. The issue I'm having is creating accurate guttering:


 I've created a complex profile and can easily draw the gutter in. Using the magic wand tool, I can then create curved guttering. The issue then becomes incorporating the fall into the gutter. Once the gutter is curved, it can't be rotated on a vertical plane. I've then converted the curved beam to a morph which allows the rotation (this is clunky at best). This works to a limited extent. I can get fall, but it doesn't match the curve of the roof well. Also, once converted to a morph, the intersecting joins disappear. 


 I tried my luck using the magic wand in the 3D window (thinking it may clip to the roof edge): this gives me the curve but again leaves the vertical aspect out.


 Does anyone know of a work-around? Does anyone have any suggestions? 


 Thanks in advance! 

Screenshot 2023-04-16 at 10.26.58 am.png

2 solutions:


Apply Your profile to a rail without anything than the profile - rails ran follwow hight-adjustments.




simply draw  a profile as Morph and "morph-SEO-add it"  to a 3D-Morph-line-path and follow it.


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