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GDL 101 windows question - setting the origin

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Finally got my own window "working" (basically a curtain wall with graphically editable panel materials, staggerable transoms etc) and I'm pretty happy with it BUT...

I missed something in class.

I think what I'm asking is : how do you set your origin in 2d and 3d so it's not in the middle of your window?

In 3d, to get my window co-ordinated with the A B ZZYZX co-ordinates I'm having to move the object Addx -A/2 (similar in 2d)

This means when I stretch it in 2d or 3d it expands from the centerpoint. Not very user friendly when I just want to stretch it to the right length from the origin.

I've been searching the forum for a bit but no joy on this yet.
Barry Kelly
So the window appears exactly inside the wall opening and equal to each side?
The image is nothing like your window but it should look similar to this?
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