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The AC19 GDL guide says that GLOB_CONTEXT is "deprecated". It still works for "compatibility" reasons, but it is "recommended" that we avoid using it. Left out is any discussion of when compatibility might end or, more importantly, what to do instead. Is there any more guidance on this?
James Murray

Archicad 25 • Rill Architects • macOS •

Got it: Page 405. A link from the GLOB_CONTEXT section might have been nice. It seems to be mostly replaced by GLOB_VIEW_TYPE. But I don't see a value associated with either the editor (GLOB_CONTEXT=1) or the settings dialog (GLOB_CONTEXT =5).
James Murray

Archicad 25 • Rill Architects • macOS •

All GLOB_* commands probably will be working partly due to the possiblity of changing the objects' parameters in TW when object is not own by user.

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