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Has anyone had success in "mastering" the Stair and Railing Tools?

I find that I can create stairs with mostly predictable results. I can create a straight Railing as a fence or a wainscot or various guardrails with mostly predictable results. Some times I can get a railing on a straight stair to work as I want. But I am completely baffled on how the Railing Tool and the Stair Tool talk together when a landing is involved.

As complex as both tools are, how can anyone be certain that it is not just a buggy Tool problem? I see inconsistent results and no suggestions or proper training from Graphisoft to make them work together as they claim. I do not see much chatter about working with Stairs and Railings. Is that because people have it figured out? Or have they given up on trying?

If there is a way that people have found that does work, I would like to know. I am too new to know if this discussion has been exhausted already.
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About Stair tool, does everyone start a stair with tread ? or how you set the connection if the stair starts with riser? i can`t start a stair with raiser and set the flooring thickness, i can do this on the ending of the stair but not where i start the stair. In the next example you can see the connection for the top part and the connection problem from the first riser. I think its missing a control point under the riser setting to control flooring finish thickness. The yellow part doesn't have the option to set a custom value
The short version. Where can i control this offset? without starting the stair with a tread than trying to hide it.