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How to create Wall End from Wall End Tool?

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Hello Guys,

I am wondering how do I create wall end from the wall end tool on archicad 17. I understand that there is a GDL form for this but it kept ending up in Object tool when I created the wall end that should be ending up in Wall End Tool. How do I put that in Wall End Tool instead of Object Tool? Anyone know about this? Any helpful hints or suggestion for me, let me know.


Barry Kelly
Do you mean you created your own GDL wall end object?
If so then you need to set its subtype to 'Wall End'.
There is a 'Subtype' button in the Details section of the GDL editor.

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Hello Barry,

Yes, that is correct. I did not know about subtype part as I am learning the new process with GDL. Yes, I went back to opening the Object that I created and changed to Subtype to Wall End as you said. Apparently, it did not appear on the wall end tool. I wonder if I did something wrong or missed the step.

David Maudlin

Two things to try:
1. Save the library part after changing the subtype.
2. Reload Libraries before trying to access the part with the Wall End Tool.

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