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About Archicad and BIMcloud libraries, their management and migration, objects and other library parts, etc.


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Is there a Pens and Color 18 for 18? A Pens and Color 19 object for 19? Thanks

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Go to Object tool and enter "Pens" in the search bar...

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odd my search in Archicad !8 and 19 only pulls up the 17 version of Pens and Colors.

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Are you searching within the Object Tool? ... in Active Library? Do you have Ac18 Library loaded?
Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 10.41.56 AM.png

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YES,YES, YES. Same for both 18 and 19. No pens and colors loaded in Archicad libraries. Search gets Pens and Colors 17 which is sourced from the Bim Components web site. Is this U.S. library issue?

Barry Kelly
Cary wrote:
Search gets Pens and Colors 17 which is sourced from the Bim Components web site.
The image you posted before showed you were searching the BIM Components website.

Stuart shows and was asking if you are searching in the Archicad object settings dialogue.
If you have the 18 or 19 library loaded you should see the appropriate object when you do the search.
It will also show you the objects in BIM Components (without actually going to the website) which appears to be just the 17 object.

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I think this may be a US library thing. I only find and Pens and Colors 17 version as well in AC19. I haven't checked in 18. However, using the version from 17 shouldn't be an issue.

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Eduardo Rolon
Confirmed. INT has it US does not.
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