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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
Master powerful new features and shape the latest BIM-enabled innovations

How to use BIM Components

There are thousands of generic and manufacturer-specific objects available with the cloud-based database.Architects and designers can share, upload, and download their objects, and members can discuss and rate the content of the portal. Free membership is available for everyone.


Search for a Library Part on When you have found the object you wished to use in the ARCHICAD project, you can quickly download it and embed to your design.
  • Individual Library Objects Go to the selected item on and use the "Drag me to ARCHICAD 16" button to drag & drop individual objects right into ARCHICAD projects. The object is placed to the position your cursor is located after the download is finished. The downloaded objects are placed to the Embedded Library.
  • Object Libraries (LCFs)The name of an object indicates if it is a part of a library that was uploaded to or an individual object. If you wish to download an entire library, go to the library page on and save the LCF library by clicking on the download button. Object libraries (LFCs) can be downloaded as container files including all dependences of their objects.


Certain functions of the BIMcomponents portal are available only for registered members, such as uploading, rating or commenting on objects. To register on click the Register link at the upper right corner of the browser window to start the registration process. You can register using:
  • Existing GRAPHISOFT ID shares authentication with other GRAPHISOFT sites such as and This means users registering on any of these 3 sites will create their own GRAPHISOFT ID and will have automatic access to the other 2 sites.
  • Create new GRAPHISOFT ID The basic registration is very simple, only first_name/last_name/email/country are the questions that are asked. Once the email address is confirmed by clicking on the confirmation link sent to the inbox of the registrant the site’s functionality can be used.
  • Existing Facebook, Google Account In order to further ease the access to our services external authenticators are also supported by the system – Gmail and Facebook accounts can simply be used to authenticate yourself further simplifying the registration.


The upload function is available after the registration on BIMcomponents portal.
  • Individual Library Objects Individual objects can be uploaded (shared) from within ARCHICAD after obtaining a registration number. See details about Share Object on BIM Components Portal in ARCHICAD Help.
  • Object Libraries (LCFs)Object libraries (LCFs) can be uploaded directly through the web portal in a web browser after obtaining a registration number. Uploading objects through LCFs has additional options to provide information for downloaders: library name, library description and library preview can be given.TIP: How to create an LCF (Library Container File)

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