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Infinite loops detection

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it would be great if Archicad could detect when an object is stuck in an infinite loop and would avoid interpreting it.
This causes crashes and is especially very annoying when the object is spread over the whole office when working in teamwork.
If you append to sync the library with a bad object it will be copied on every local copy when "send&receive" is pressed by client and is a pain to fix and causes some data loss.

Would that be possible in the future?
maybe I should make it a poll.

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Yes, I think you should make this into a wish.
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Just add a very high counter inside the loop so that if you create an infinite loop by accident, it'll stop after a certain amount of iterations.

Something like:
thisLoopCounter = 1


     thisLoopCounter = thisLoopCounter + 1

     the code inside the loop

UNTIL yourConditionIsTrue or thisLoopCounter > 10000
Easy to locate and fix. Hard to create the habit.

Best regards.

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