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About Archicad and BIMcloud libraries, their management and migration, objects and other library parts, etc.

Is there a way to purge library parts?

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Is there a way to purge library parts?

I am bringing back to life this old big file from 2005 with a lot of different PLA files & library parts connected to it.

By what I could see there are embedded libraries 9 & 10, and now it will have Library 13 as well.

I would love to "PURGE" the unused & duplicated parts so it gets a little lighter. Is there a way to do this?
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First of all try using subset libraries. These migration libraries contain the difference between two libraries. For instance you have loaded 11 and 12 library. Replace this by the subset 11 and the 12. This reduces loading time and reports in your library loading report.

For this project, remove all libraries you want to replace by subset libraries (in your example, remove 10 library). You will get a lot of missing objects, but that will we repair later.
Save this file as an archive file (pla). In the save-dialog box open the options. Make sure the option 'Include all part of loaded libraries' is UNchecked.
Now open this pla file and when started use the option 'Extract element to a folder'. This will extract the pla file and place all used objects in the designated folder.
In your library now add the current library and subset libraries. (in your case subset 10,subset 11,subset 12 and AC 13 library)

I strongly feel this should be addressed by now. GS should re-look the library management. SketchUp and most CAD softwares have a good way of handling components/blocks where users do not have to worry about missing objects. Purging unused and unwanted objects is an important aspect of file management. Archicad may have the best object libraries but I feel the management is still "old school".

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