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Labels in ArchiCAD 19

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Is there a way to suppress the display of the skin thickness in labels when tagging composite walls, slabs and roofs to query the Name of Building Material only? Both the Generic Label 19 and Skin List Label 19 display the thickness. (I could not find a variable to query the building material data with an IFC tag.)

The goal is to create a building materials scheme as diagramed below.

Typical Building Material formats
ID: 06-01
Description: 2x WOOD FRAMING

The "ID" would be used on exterior elevations to tag materials like a keynote.
The "NAME" would be used on wall sections to provide a brief description.
The "Description" would be used on large scale sections and details to provide additional information.

(However, the information will display without the thickness in schedules.)


Joe A.
(ArchiCAD since 8.0)

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Has anyone had any luck with this.

I think a good label for composites and building materials would be great, but what is in the current library is very limited and with my GDL knowledge everytime I edit the existing labels I just keep breaking them.

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