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Multi-panel exterior pocket door

Matt R

Has anyone found a way to properly model a 3 (or 4) panel exterior pocket door? Or even just a wonky workaround that at least gets the job done? I can't seem to find an existing door object that functions like I'm describing. I need all the door leafs to stack into one pocket within the adjacent wall, resulting in a transition from interior to exterior without the panels being visible. This is not an uncommon condition in modern homes, so I am surprised at the lack of resources available to accommodate this. All of the pocket doors in archicad's library are only available as single panels, whereas all of the exterior sliding doors always have at least one fixed panel. Any tips?


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Here's an old wish. I have used Erwins work around a few times...

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Barry Kelly

I am not aware of any objects for what you want.

All I can suggest is to use a standard door in its own wall, and then built up the pocket wall around it.

Is that a wonky enough workaround?



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