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PARAMETERS command in 3d Script

Mario Sacco
I notice PARAMETERS command doesn't work in 3d script.
I have a complex 3d script of thousands of line in which I calculate many variables. I want to memorize them in PARAMETER Dialog to use for LIST.

I'd like to avoid to replicate all the script, without transformations and 3d shapes, in the master script. It's also complex to divide the code calculating the variables in master script and use them in 3d script.

Is there a way to memorize the variable created in 3d script?
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Joachim Suehlo
you cannot get script informations, like stored variables from a 3D-Script into any other script inside one object. Theoretically you can export to a text file and reimport into another script, but this I would not recommend.
The Master-Script is the ideal place to make calculations, that you use in more than 1 script.
But it seems that you have calculated all variables in 3D script and it is not easy to move those calculatons into the master script without tearing that script apart. If so, the only way from my view is, to double the calcualtions the way you described.
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Mario Sacco
Thank you Joachim

I already copied the code from 3d to the master script and cleaned of transformations and 3d commands. I'm slowly understanding the logic of different scripts. It's really very important. .
MacBook M1 Max 64GB- OS X 12.2.1 - Archicad 25

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