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Parameters / Schedules. Reveal Side Dimensions

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It's been couple of days since I struggle with one, particular problem. I would like to pull specific dimension out of the label I created. Then, put this dimension in the schedule.

It's all about VP dimension. In order to show VP in the label, I used script.
if iUnitDimension = DIM_MEASURED then
		_widthValue = WIDO_RSIDE_WIDTH : _heightValue = (WIDO_RSIDE_HEIGHT - sSillThickness)
		_iUnitTypeByContent  	= 7		! "Windor_Door_Dimension"

It works perfectly until I try to put it in the schedule. I created the parameter "iDimVP". I scripted it like:

! Master Script

But it doesn't show up in the schedule.

Question is:

How to create parameter which could be readable in Schedule?

Barry Kelly
You can't schedule a label (or any annotation elements).
You will have to schedule the element (window?) the label is attached to.
The label gets its information from that element anyway.

If you are manipulating the information from the window in the label script itself, then you will need to do the same in the window script.
Or maybe you can do it with expressions in properties - that way you don't have to touch the window scripts.
You can then schedule the resulting properties.

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I used properties expression and it works! (: Thanks
It's huge relief because the amount of macro in window object is terrifying.

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