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Problem updating AC 14 library

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I use ArchiCAD 14 and got a message saying my object library was not up to date, so I downloaded the new one from the site and kept the folder icon on my desktop as I did not know what to do next.

Then I read the help section where it says you decompress the folder and install it in ArchiCAD. I did so with WinZip, although I'm not sure I did it properly (I wasn't sure which of the options to select)

I did not manually add the files as someone told me they get added automatically once the folder is decompressed and that the new libraries are probably already working.

Q1. Is there any way to know whether the libraries were updated or not, other than just viewing the objects to see if I recognize any new ones?

Q2. How many new objects were added when AC14 was released, what is the total number of objects in the library and where can I look to determine how many I have installed?

Q3. In case the library hotfix did not install properly, what do you recommend?

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
If you installed the library hotfix, meaning you ran the EXE file, then it did upgrade your library.
It is easy to test: use the Help\Check for Updates menu command, which will take you to the AC14 updatepage. There it will tell you whether your library is up to date or not.

If it is not up to date then you should download it again and install it again.

AS far as I know there is no such document that details what has changed in a library update.
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