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Missing macros in pla file

Rick Thompson
I have someone who is working on a pla file I archived. I use Smartparts libraries for doors and windows. We are both getting "can't find micros" opening in 3D. I have taken the original folder containing the macros and loaded it, and still get the same message. SmartParts Windows and Doors are one file, but it is only the doors that have this issue.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Rick Thompson
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Erika Epstein
that's how Neil protects/copywrites his smart parts library. The person you gave the pla to will need to purchase those libraries.
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Rick Thompson
Hey Erika.. I actually heard from Neil, and here's his explanation>>> Seems a different issue and a work around.

Hi Rick,

I think I understand your problem. ArchiCAD is looking only for the objects used and the macros that are called directly from the objects' scripts when saving an archive with the Option "Include All Parts of Loaded Libraries" unchecked by default. The doors are calling a macro object using a text variable to allow an infinite number of macros to be called which is the good news. However, the bad news is that it calls for a macro directly by name then it won't find it when archiving.

The only way that I have done this is a two step process: first, save the archive with only USED objects, second, expand the archive creating a new library folder and replacing the RDW Macros folder, and archiving again with ALL loaded objects. It's a pain to do it twice and I will experiment with the template object to see if it can force a macro call to each of the door panels and other supporting objects. It should not matter if your client has Mac or Windows, the files are the same for both.

Let me know if you need help doing the two step process
Rick Thompson
Mac Sonoma AC 26
Mac M2 studio w/ display

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