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Resizing Bug?

I just assembled three basic shapes - Cube, Pyramid and Sphere to create an object. I then tried to resize these selected (not grouped) objects in the 3D window together and got no change in size.

Trying to do the same with the various shapes gave mixed results...

The cube extended in the XY plane only.

The Sphere and Pyramid remained static if using it's base centre point and jumped in the XY plane if using an alternative vertex as the scale origin.

The single bed also only resized in the XY plane.

Can anyone clarify what is going on?

I kind of understand if you were resizing a bed that you may not want to increase the height but inconsistent Z scaling isn't helpful. If it is written into the library part coding then I guess that's ok, but the basic shapes I would expect to scale equally in the X Y & Z axis.

Perhaps one for another thread but it does beg the question why we still only have a uniform scaling option?
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