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Split Layout ID for Reference Markers

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I am having a bit of trouble with the code for my cross referencing to layout ID. For example my section marker.
Some of our projects we have long layout numbers. Eg. WAA-AD-3000. (We dont always have contol over what we can number our drawings)
These are quite long for our section markers, so i would like to drop off the 'WAA-AD-' part in the reference.
I am guessing I use the STRSTR command, but not sure how this will work using the Layout ID

(Sorry I clearly have a bit to learn in GDL)
Barry Kelly
As far as I know you can use the Layout ID (autotext value) in your scripts but you can't actually get the information from it to manipulate.
i.e you can't actually read any of the characters in the string.
It doesn't behave like a normal parameter that you can use STRLEN and STRSTR and STRSUB to capture certain parts of the string (you were on the right track there).
You can only use it in its entirety or not at all.
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Thats disapointing. Thanks for your quick responce.
You could try the solution from here:

I'm not sure how that would integrate in your back-reference script; but it'll get you the layoutID where the object is placed on.

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