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Spotlamp Ceiling 11 problem?

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For the life of me I can't figure this out. It's looks like there is some part of the lamp casing blocking the light, because when I set it to no shadows, the light works as expected. Even if I set the d1 variable to 2 feet away, well outside the case, it still has this problem. If I rotate the lamp just a bit, the spot on the wall moves, but the "invisible light-blocking casing" doesn't and is still blocking the light. If I rotate the lamp more than 45º down for example, all light is blocked.

Does anyone know if there's a solution to this or does this part just not work right?
Strangely enough, the lamp works perfectly when I export to Artlantis.


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I originally posted this in the rendering/presentation section, but asked to have it moved here because I think it's a GDL issue.

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I just want to bump this post back up as I am having the exact problem as well and searching has lead me to nothing.


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I found a workaround: set light cone radius to 0 (zero). It only works if "show light cone" setting is off, so if you don't need to see the lightcone in 2d then you should be ok. You will get a 2d script error if "show light cone" is set to "on". Also, some wierd artifacts appear in the rendering when "light cone in rendering" is set to "on".

All the spotlamp parts seem have this same problem.

this post is a little out of date but I've come across something similar. I've been using the standard Recessed Spotlight 12 in my model. It renders absolutely fine until I change it's depth / z value to anything bigger than 30mm, where it suddenly projects a square light with harsh edges instead of the nice soft one it was doing before.

Any ideas? I've had to resort to having an extra thin lamp in the 3D view to get it to work.



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Hi Derek,

Welcome to the forum.

As a welcome gift... Here it is...

See if its working now...

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