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Sync between Archicad26 and Twinmotion



I made a ground floor plan in archicad and then tried to render and furnish in twinmotion, but only for 1 room of that plan. Later that day, I moved the plan in the site with 1m and add a few things, and when i opened Twinmotion, the furnishes that I put ago, they are still staying in the old spot. Like, they are not being moved in the same position as the plan. The plan moved, but the furnishes stay in the same place. How should I sync these changes in order not to redo the whole decorations?


see picture below



Archicad26 Educational | Windows 11 AMD RYZEN 6000 9, GEFORCE RTX

Emre Senoglu

If they are objects you placed in Twinmotion, then they won't 'sync' together with the Archicad file. You will have to select them in TM and move to the correct position. You can select them all at once and move accordingly. If you precisely know how much your AC model was moved, you can perhaps use the transformation panel on the right to enter the new coordinates for TM objects.

AC26 ARM // MBP M2 Max // Twinmotion | Corona | Rhino

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