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Triple Sash Window

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Hello everybody,

I'm trying to create a triple sash window as seen in the attached image; I've tried all kind of windows, but I couldn't get the desired result (the center sash fix and the side ones mobile). Has anyone managed to obtain this result (if yes, with which window?). Could the script for "W Triple Sash 11" window be modified in order to get the desired result?

Thank you in advance.

Adrian Tudoreanu

Window Triple Sash.jpg
Brett Brown
Hi Adrian, Depends on how much you value your time. For 239.00 Euro's, Cadimage DW Builder. Would do this in less than a minute.

Why it has never been intergrated is to the detriment of AC, as 99 times out of 100 it can do what ever users ask here.

As we get it free here with AC, I have never used the AC Doors and windows so can't help you in that respect.
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Chazz, the broken record, posts again.....
Nattering nabob of negativism
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Brett Brown
Chazz, Compared with Archicad itself,with its very expensive upgrade costs, its way over the top complexity for useability, Editing is on a par, bugs on and on, and its scheduling is not as good as DW builders own.

I think DW Builder makes AC, and if I were a new prospective buyer and Demo-ed it without knowing about DW Builder add-on, and trying to use GS DW's, I certainly would look elsewhere.

DW Builder has improved in all your mentioned comments.

The basics of Archicad just aren't there. Doors and windows, stairs, keynotes, and revisions. These basic foundation parts of Archicad have been neglected for to long and now with a competitive competitor, GS is going to hurt in the pocket, especially with new licenses, and that's going to hurt us all.
Imac, Big Sur AC 20 NZ, AC 25 Solo UKI,

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