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Visual Programing for GDL

just came to my mind while testing Dynamo for Revit...

I'm hoping to find sponsors

Nando Mogollon
Director @ BuilDigital
Using, Archicad Latest AU and INT. Revit Latest (have to keep comparing notes)
More and more... IFC.js, IFCOpenShell
All things Solibri and BIMCollab

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maybe geometry gym can help or someone else in this post.

it would be great to have a node compositor in archicad!

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I think it could change the programming with GDL to the next level ...
can be more flexible relationship of Archicad tools and scripts GDL ...
if archicad from this will be better and more interesting in terms of design, why not? Great idea! ... sorry to realize of my level is not enough ...

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When will the guys from graphisoft do something with these comments

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
GS does not explicitly answer each comment, since this is a user forum, mainly used for exchange of information among users.

These wishes are the primary way of letting GS know what features are important to the community.
There are many wishes that have been submitted by the community:

A visual parametric GDL Editor would be great in my opinion.
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