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Window Openings Area Calculations

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I am looking for a way to display the window opening area in the windows schedule. If I add "Nominal W/D opening Surface Area on the reveal side" as a field in the fields/windows schedule then the areas show but is wrongly calculated as it appears that Archicad only calculates a rectangular opening area and not the actual opening area for windows such as halfround, trapezoid etc. Is there an easy way to do this please?
Try "W/D Opening Surface on the Side Opposite to the Reveal Side". This will get you closer, but still not exact.

EDIT: It may be worth mentioning that the Cadimage doors/windows have a "Total Area" parameter that calculates the area of the unit, and is reasonably accurate. I don't know why GS doesn't have such a parameter.
Richard Morrison, Architect-Interior Designer
AC26 (since AC6.0), Win10
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Thank you Richard, tried what you suggested but it's exactly the same. I just think it's dangerous that "W/D opening surface on the side...." gives accurate results for certain windows and some inaccurate results for some others without any warning from the developer. Theoretically it should return the correct value. I don't really want to use add-ons as I feel it should be able to this already! Thanks anyways.
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