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Window & Door reveal different in 3D and floor plan view


Hello, I am having an issue with doors and windows from the standard library. The main ones I am using are D1 Commercial 24 and Storefront Window 24. Whenever I place them onto a complex profile using the "symbolic" floor plan display, the reveal depth is different in 3D view than in floor plan view. I am assuming in 3D it is using the outermost edge of the complex profile, but when on the floor plan view it seems to be using the cut edge? If the symbolic view also used the outermost edge of the complex profile then this wouldn't be an issue, but it doesn't do that. Is there a setting I am missing somewhere? I am not having this issue with composite walls. Ideally the 3D and the floor plan reveal depths should be identical. For example in the images below all of the doors and windows have a reveal depth of 2", but the ones on a complex profile stick out of the wall, even though in plan view they look correct.




Any suggestions?

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I think if you move the complex profile in the profile editor so that the plane you want to door to reference is at the origin point the door will recognise the face of the main upper wall section as opposed to the lower wall section and it should then appear how you wish in 3D. 

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Here is one of many old threads on this topic of doors and complex profiled walls.  Do a search to find more and potential workarounds:


The 'symbolic' display is generated by the 2D script of the object... and can produce arbitrary content that is unrelated to the 3D.  The intention is that it would match the 3D.  When it doesn't, it could well be a bug in the library object... but given that you are using 24 and the current release is 27, I doubt anything would be done it that happened to be the case here.


I believe you are experiencing the issue in the above linked thread and either have to check your complex profile's opening reference line position as David said there, or the insertion point for the door... if you change to the head vs base, it should work.  Or use the workaround listed for the base.  In either case, once the door frame is where you want it in 3D, you are likely to be unhappy with the way that your wainscot is cut.


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I was not aware the complex profile had an option for the Opening Reference line. After turning that on and moving it to the outside of the upper wall, the symbolic view and 3D position of the doors and windows lined up. Thank you both for your help!

AC 24 US
Windows 10, AMD Ryzen 7 3700X, 16.0 GB Ram, AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT

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