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anyone know what is?

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i keep getting this error but i dont know what it is or how to find it to resolve it.

Karl Ottenstein
Looks like a macro related to the window niche object. If you are getting this, I assume it is from a PLA or something and not from a normal load of the same library that created the project in question?

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Has anyone had any luck fixing this error?

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What exactly is the error?

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The error reads something similar to error in line 450. has 3 vertices in polygon.

One of my students is getting this error and we can't seem to figure out what object/part of the drawing has the error in it so we can delete it.

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Narrow your search down for the offending part by using a marquee of half of your model, then go to 3D window using marquee / selection. If the message pops up again halve the size of your marquee again. If it doesn't try the other half of your model, keep going with ever diminishing marquees till you find where the problem is.

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